Jennifer Villanueva was born in Lima, Peru and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her exotic style and taste matched with her elegance and use of beautiful nature-inspired palettes is the perfect blend of her influences throughout her life. She also gets inspiration from the many beautiful places she has traveled.


Her career has spanned many fields all related to beauty and aesthetics. From being a model and actress to Head Designer at several successful apparel companies creating contemporary women's collections sold worldwide through department stores such as Macy's, JCPenney, Nordstrom and online platforms. Her eye for color, beauty and style is the common thread between all of her creative endeavors.

                                                                        Inkagoddess Collection

    Inspired by her love for gemstones and metaphysical crystal energy in 2009 she developed her designer one of a kind "Inkagoddess" jewelry collection. Her collection debuted at the trendy and hip Fred Segal store in Santa Monica, California. It is currently being sold at Brooke Rodd Boutique in Santa Monica, Ca.


She uses only the finest components in her designs which consist of healing and protective gems such as Tourmaline, Peruvian Opal, Turquoise, Labradorite, Aquamarine and many other colorful and expressive stones set in sterling silver and precious metals. All of her jewelry is handcrafted through wire wrapping and soldering. She handpicks and uses Natural Gemstones because of their amazing properties and energy. Besides their beauty, every gemstone and crystal possess their own unique property. They heal, attract positive energy, repel negative energy while assisting and improving your life on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It is believed that these magical crystals provided by mother nature hold powerful energy that guides, protects and helps you embrace your inner goddess.


All crystal jewelry is cleansed before shipping. The purpose of cleansing crystals is to have it return to its original state. Intentionally cleansing the crystals resets its’ energy, essentially back to the vibrational frequency it had at the time it formed in the Earth. Crystals require cleansing in order to reflect clearly. 



To learn more about Gemstones click on the "Crystal Properties" section.


Crystal meanings and spiritual healing lore are not a prescription, diagnosis or healthcare information. 

They are presented as spiritual supports to healing and other life issues. See a doctor or licensed

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